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Hot off The Wet Nose press!

Our PetCareRX Blog, The Wet Nose Press, highlights this week,  the crusade against puppy mills. 

It saddens my heart that pets start out life like this, but thank goodness for pet parents like you, that save them!

For information, read  Tedday and Harley to the Rescue: The Crusade Against Puppy Mills.


Please share with us here and on the blog, as to any experiences you've come across with puppy mills. 


I rescued our dog from in NJ.  The founder mainly goes into puppy mills and saves these poor dogs, in south Jersey and Philadelphia areas.  She deals with small dogs mostly. (Save Our Small dogs)  SOS.


As sad as this is, it's something we need to keep talking about and making people aware of.  Education is our best weapon!


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