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Why does my cat urinate everywhere except the litter tray

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My cat has begun urinating around the house, bed, clothing, boxes anywhere except the tray, it is clean and easily accessable so how can we control this behavior. Any help will be wonderful! My cat is 1 year 6 months old. And is an indoor cat.

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Re: Why does my cat urinate everywhere except the litter tray

It sounds like this is a new behavior. Did anything change at around the same time? New litter brand or box location? The very first thing I'd do is check with the vet. If the box is clean and accessible and nothing in the environment has changed, but your cat is urinating everywhere, it could be a sign of a urinary tract infection. Once the vet rules out any medical problems, you could try using a litter attractant or try experimenting with different litter box configurations.

And some cats do prefer soft items. Our cats love to pee on towels more than anything in the world. We have to be really vigilant about where we keep the towels, because given the choice, they will always pee on towels instead of in the litter box. But as long as they don't have access to the towels, they happily use the litterbox.
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